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How green is your business?

A Greener Eco Friendly Website Will Help!

When you run an eco-friendly, ethical business there’s so much to consider that websites often get overlooked. in2eco Digital provide clean, powerful on brand websites that boast a variety of eco-friendly features:

  • Carbon offsetting
  • Less energy use
  • Eco friendly hosting
  • A tree planted for every website built

Did you know that communications tech will emit more carbon by 2025 than any country except China, India, and the U.S?

Studies estimate that digital technologies contribute between 1.4% to 5.9% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to The Royal Society, a leading British scientific academy.

Let’s start tackling the issue together today by being mindful about our website design and hosting.

What makes our sites

Our overall web design focus is on creating websites in a sustainable manner. We put the planet, plants and people first. Being environmentally conscious is at the heart of everything we do.

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server storage

We use premium hosting for fast speeds & low carbon footprint. We optimise the size of images and videos.


energy efficient

We use a renewable energy provider and we keep our designs simple so that the energy consumed by a person viewing our websites is less too!


trees are planted

We plant a tree for every website we build. This not only offsets our carbon emissions but builds a better future for us all.

Our sustainable website builds include

  • Domain name
  • SEO optimised website
  • Hosting and support
  • Security
  • Email box
  • WordPress platform
  • Integration with social media accounts
  • Blog or news
  • Easy editing
  • E commerce function available
Eco Friendly Websites we can build you 2
Eco Friendly Websites we can build you 3

Hosting and Website Maintenance

We offer eco-friendly hosting for all of our websites but you can opt-in for the maintenance package too. Our maintenance packages will mean that your website will remain fast and each future  page added will be designed with the environment in mind.

Want to know more about offsetting carbon for your SME?

The MacKay Carbon Calculator provides a model of the UK energy system that allows you to explore pathways to decarbonisation, including net zero by 2050. 

The Carbon Trust has an online carbon calculator for businesses.

Specifically built for websites, the online website carbon calculator calculates how much carbon your website emits. Open the website calculator in a separate window.