Support and celebration of Recovery

After many meetings with the team at The Recovery Lodge we decided that there really should be more acceptance and confidence where addiction and recovery are concerned. With that in mind we decided that the UK needed Recovery Week.

Starting on Nov 19th 2018 the week saw social media posts encouraging our followers to ask any question, share their experiences. We also offered casual viewings of The Recovery Lodge in an open day event. We were delighted with the initial uptake and so decided that we would hit the ground running in 2019.

Recovery Week 2019 started with the delivery of our press release, posters and info pack.

Case Study - Recovery Week 2019 1
Case Study - Recovery Week 2019 2
Case Study - Recovery Week 2019 3

#RecoveryWeek the conversation

We were delighted that we achieved coverage on BBC radio and in the local press.

We were able to follow up our efforts using every social media channel available to us. With stories, posts and questions, including self care bingo!


The mission continues – Recovery Week 2020 16th-22nd November

As we approach Recovery Week 2020 we have the support and backing of the newly formed Recovery Group. The Recovery Group was something we had always wanted to provide in order to offer free support and guidance to those in need and a subscription service to those needing a little more help.

We’ll continue to try to get the message across that addiction and recovery should carry no more stigma than any other illness. We’ll continue to invite open, honest conversation on social media. We’ll have a new up to date info pack and posters. We’ll offer online meetings with our Recovery Group mentors and new for 2020 we’ll offer a virtual tour of The Recovery Lodge so that people can get a feel of life in Recovery.

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